Saturday, March 29, 2008

Every Woman Will Have Her Day

Hola! How's everyone's weekend going? I know, it could be too early to tell for some.

For me, it's another hectic one, filled with kids' activities and committments.

Sayonara GH giddiness. I am headed out the door in a few minutes and will spend the rest of the day running from hair appointments to choir shoe shopping to senior portrait taking to church. I'm tired already.

Later this evening, it's time to sit down with my latest manuscript and get to work. Can't let that GH buzz die down. Now's the perfect time to keep plugging away, using the GH final as motivating fuel.

So, no GH excitement for the weekend, though next week I'll be trying to come up with a press photo to send. Hmm, not looking forward to scanning a bunch of bad pictures of myself, hoping to find a decent one to send. :-/

On a fun note, I did want to mention one thing. If you're in the mood for a good movie at the theater, I'd recommend Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

My daughters and I saw it on Monday (our last day of spring break). It's moving, funny, whimsical and more. A nice treat for a cold winter day. Another keeper if you ask me.

And, did you notice the subtitle: Every Woman Will Have Her Day

Little did I know that mine would come the next day (calls went out Tuesday). Hopefully, it'll come again on August 2nd when they announce the winners. Or sooner, when an editor calls wanting to buy my manuscript!!!

Reading that subtitle is a reminder for me, and hopefully for you, too.

Keep striving, keep working towards your goal, keep being the best person you can be. Good will come your way.

Like Miss Pettigrew, Every Woman Will Have Her Day

May yours come soon!


Kieran said...

Oooo, I am in a movie-going mood. This sounds like a good one.

I loved hearing your GH story!!!! Oh, I wish I had been there!

BTW, I'm a good screamer. I'll be yelling that night of the ceremony, so be ready!

Esri, great to hear from you and see you in San Fran.

Everyone, God bless and have a wonderful week!


Jacqueline said...

Pris, Mom told me about your blog on Sat and I meant to get on line, but the router was not connecting, to the internet, after a loooong time on the line w/ cox we figured it out but then I had to get ready for Jake's play. The musical was a lot of fun to watch and Jake had a really good time being a part of it. You know how crazy the weekends are and I should be working on a research paper at the moment, but I just had to tell you how proud of you I am. You are one of my heroes! Your perseverence is inspiring! I have felt for years, after reading your writing that the editors are crazy for not publishing your romances, they are wonderful and I know that you will be published one day, soon I hope!!! You keep it up baby!!! Make the time to write because you truly have a gift, even the blog entries are such a great example of your attention to detail, your ability to organize your thoughts and your gift for paiting a picture with words. Sister, I love you so much and me and my family are in your corner, cheering you all the way to VICTORY on AUG 2!!!! MUAH!!!+ tons of hugs from us!

Brain's Flight said...

Keep up the good work hon!

All my love,

PrisAKiss said...

Thanks for all the support everyone!!!

Hugs and love,

Lee McKenzie said...

Pris, you will have your day, and lots of them!

And PS - it is NOT POSSIBLE for you take a bad photo.

ammazingfighter said...

"Keep striving, keep working towards your goal, keep being the best person you can be. Good will come your way"... Good Stuff!

Your blog (and journey) is very moving, inspirational, and uplifting! Thank you for sharing it. The world needs more positive stories about us normal, every day people who hold true to, and continue to reach for, their dreams and goals.
Dreams hold no expiration date and true dreams never die. It is we who simply allow them to fade.
The upside, we dont have to :)

Keep up the good work. Keep sharing your light!

(Orlando, FL)